Now in its third year, Computing's Women in IT Excellence Awards aims to shine a spotlight where it's most needed in tech: on the mould-breaking, ceiling-smashing female talent rising up the ranks and shaking up the industry.


We have plans for a fantastic evening of celebration, with over 600 people in attendance, and are looking for companies with diversity high on their agenda to partner with us and support the event.


With the potential of plenary speeches, awards presentation and strategic association with this initiative, the awards represents an excellent opportunity for brand-level engagement.


If you have a message to deliver that reflects your efforts to highlight the careers and achievements of Women in IT, please do contact Jessica Feldman on the details below.


Jessica Feldman, Global Account Director
Tel: 020 7484 9839
Mob: 07920 769 741


Why the Women in IT Excellence Awards?


The IT industry has a huge diversity problem, with far fewer women working in the sector than men, with the issue even worse at more senior levels.


And the situation won't change by itself. The gender gap in STEM subjects at tertiary level is similarly huge, and Computing has spoken to schools who have revealed the same issue at secondary level.


Computing believes that this is bad for the entire industry, not just the women who are denied the opportunity to find success in a varied and dynamic discipline.


That's why we launched the Women in IT Excellence Awards, designed to showcase and champion the many success stories we have today, and inspire the next generation.