Latif Hussain - Computing Cyber Security Live 2019

Latif Hussain

Latif Hussain's current role is to provide a day to day running of the IT systems and deliver a strategic planning programme for the organisation's technology, design the IT provision for the organisation and pull all the technology strands in delivery of common architecture throughout the BFI. He is currently overseeing the consolidation for BFI systems and data storage, with data security one of the key drivers, in this age of digital landscape.
He has led the information security needs of BFI's key systems and just overseen the completion of ISO 27001: project at the BFI.
He has previously worked on Dutch central Bank's programme in delivering streamlined integrated systems that meet performance targets setup by ECB and also worked on a consolidation programme at Credit Suisse. Prior to that Latif worked in the manufacturing industry for automated warehouses at the US owned Interlake Inc. He is a keen supporter of the Hybrid Systems Approach to business needs of IT.
Latif holds a MSc In Systems Management & Consultancy from Sheffield Hallam University and he is member Intel Security Council