The Art of Digital Disruption


‘Disrupt or be disrupted', the aphorism goes. But if only doing the disruption were as simple as talking about it.


Who should we disrupt, how and when should we disrupt, and even whether we really need to disrupt at all, well, those questions are left for each organisation to answer for itself. There is no one-size-fits-all and there's no ready-made roadmap to follow.


Digital transformation is about aligning business processes with advances in technology, automating manual processes, encouraging cross-functional collaboration and eliminating the blockers that prevent the organisation from making the most of new opportunities. But as IT leaders know, the technology is the easy part. Managing the cultural change required to take advantage of the new tech needs careful thought, excellent communications and high-level support over the long term.


Fortunately, there is plenty to learn from others as we plot our transformational roadmaps, and that's what Computing's IT Leaders' Summits are all about. Whether it's applying the latest machine learning techniques to automating inefficient processes, introducing self-service dashboards, moving to DevOps or migrating processes to the cloud, there's always someone who's been there and done that and who's happy to share their experience and best practice.


At the October 2019 IT Leaders' Summit, fellow disruptors shared their thoughts on how to best incorporate new technologies and agile practices into the business. Delegates learned how to manage transformation while keeping customers and employees happy and without compromising security.


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