IT Leaders' Summit 2019

Driving the Digital Roadmap to your Enterprise

IT is now at the heart of every organisation. In today's fast-changing business landscape, IT is central to all business processes and is critical not just for growth, but for organisations' very survival. IT leaders across every industry are at the forefront, driving business transformation and value through IT innovation and digitalisation. Advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing offer the opportunity for IT leaders to play a fundamental role in educating their organisations in the art of the possible and becoming change leaders.


But that's only part of the story. IT leaders also need to ensure that employees have the skills and culture needed both to deliver change and run operations in the transformed enterprise. And all of this needs to happen whilst simultaneously ensuring that the organisation understands and manages its risk profile, as security fears are never far away.


Join us at Computing's latest IT Leaders' Summit, Driving the Digital Roadmap into your Enterprise. Hear the thoughts of expert IT leaders discussing how to best incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimise business processes as well as maintaining stability whilst introducing agile software development. Learn how your organisation can effectively improve data security and privacy whilst maintaining trust amongst employees and customers.


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