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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come at a time when data protection is at the forefront of businesses minds. With attacks becoming far more prevalent and widespread, the need for an update to the outdated regulations from 1998 has never been more important. Several huge organisations, both in the UK and across the world have fallen prey to disastrous breaches which have both irreparably damaged the company's reputation and encroached upon the invaluable personal information of individuals. Personal data has undoubtedly become an extremely valuable commodity so it comes as no surprise that these new rules have been drawn up to assist in governing its ownership and management.

However, the GDPR is viewed by most businesses as tremendously onerous, with the level of fines attached to breaches seen as excessive and having the ability to potentially bankrupt business. The responsibility for this is seen by most as lying predominantly with IT professionals, despite the fact security is an issue that affects every department in the company. All of this, combined with the inevitable bureaucracy and inconvenience involved ensures that when it comes to data, businesses must now put the rights of their customers above all else.

So, how do businesses prepare for the GDPR? What data management strategies are the most effective when ensuring compliance? How do you educate your staff in the best security measures? Which data can you safely shed to exclude liability? These and many more questions will be answered at our latest IT Leaders Forum, free to attend for qualified IT professionals.

Date: Tuesday 5 December

Venue: Manchester


This Computing IT Leaders' Forum is a complimentary half-day conference for senior IT professionals from end-user, private sector organisations.

We are not able to accept registrations from employees of software vendors as well as sales, marketing, recruitment or consultancy professionals

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