Computing's DevOps Excellence Awards will showcases outstanding achievement from organisations, personalities and solutions operating within the DevOps space.

Many organisations today now see the benefits of implementing a DevOps culture, with faster, more iterative software releases, more innovation, and an overall more nimble business being amongst the desired results. But the road to DevOps can be a rough one, as with any cultural change.

There are many different ways to move towards a DevOps culture, and these awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the best of every organisation, team, individual, product and tool. With many categories covering every stage of progress across the industry, there should be a space for you to enter, to get your opportunity to be celebrated for your success in DevOps.


Closing Deadline for Entries: Friday 11th January, 5pm

All categories are FREE to enter.

Submission requirements


Entrants will be asked to submit a maximum 800-word explanation, demonstrating how they meet the criteria. For product or service award entries, you are strongly encouraged to use the entry text to provide a customer case study. Submissions will be accepted via the online entry system only.

All information submitted will be for the use of judging and will remain confidential.

Please read on for further information on each category and application criteria.

Closing date for entries is 5pm on Friday 12th January.


Product and Project Awards


Best Cloud Agile Technology:

Many call cloud and DevOps natural bedfellows, but we want to see proof of that in execution. How does your technology serve both cloud and DevOps approaches to create the perfect mix? Customer examples would be a sincere advantage when explaining.


Best DevOps Transformation:

DevOps is celebrated for its ability to transform business or project processes, and we want to find the perfect example of the difference made by following DevOps culture and practice. This, of course, will require proof, and a convincing before-and-after story.


Best DevOps Security Tool:

The need for security is a neverending cycle, and that fits DevOps like a glove. As a relatively new area of the security industry, we want to seek out the best DevOps security tool, and award those leading the pack. This is another award where customer stories are an important addition to winning over the judges.


Best Open Source DevOps Tool:

The freeflowing nature of open source is an excellent companion to DevOps, and there are some very special tools appearing in the space. We'd like to find out why you consider yours to be pulling ahead. Please include customer case studies to help tell the story.


Best Development Platform:

This will be awarded to the software development platform which demonstrates the best functionality or the most innovative features. Customer references, evidence of strong market share and innovation will all help entries under this category.


Best Use of Agile:

Awarded to the use of agile within a project or programme which best demonstrates the impact of the Agile methodology. Descriptions of how Agile was used, and what its impact on the overall body of work undertaken will be taken into consideration.


Best Automation Project:

This award will go to the automation project which demonstrates the best overall impact on the business. Evidence of innovation, financial impact on the business, and performance against initial expectations will be required.


Best Software-Defined Product:

Awarded to the software-defined product which demonstrates the best functionality coupled with ease of use and innovation. Customer references, evidence of strong revenues attached to the product, and explanations of why this product out-competes or out-innovates its rivals will be taken into consideration.


Best DevOps Cloud Product:

Awarded to the DevOps cloud product which demonstrates superior functionality and/or the most innovation amongst its field. Evidence of revenue, market share and customer references will be taken into consideration.


Best Continuous Delivery Product:

Awarded to the continuous delivery product which demonstrates superior functionality and/or the most innovation amongst its field. Evidence of revenue, market share and customer references will be taken into consideration.


DevOps Tool / Product of the Year:

While DevOps started as more a philosophy than a toolset, tools and solutions to speed DevOps results are now key to the game, and we're looking for the best in class. Why is yours leading the pack, and how can you prove it? Again, customer case study examples would stand you in good stead with the judges.


Best Continuous Deployment Tool:

Continuous delivery is an absolute requirement of DevOps practices, and continuous deployment is its natural evolution. Our judges are looking for the tool that best meets the needs of companies seeking to automate their delivery workflows.

Best Continuous Deployment Project:

Continuous deployment is the end goal of most companies following DevOps practices, but adopting it can be tricky. We want to see examples of how you have rolled out your continuous deployment project and the advantages it has brought - with proof.

DevOps Project of the Year - Not-for-Profit:

The third sector is a rewarding but difficult one to work in, especially for IT teams who are asked to deliver a lot with not very much; choosing the right technology to invest in is vital. Our judges will look for practical, efficient implementations of DevOps that are tailored for the not-for-profit world, as well as customer reactions and an explanation of the advantages that they have gained.

DevOps Project of the Year - Public Sector:

Many look at the public sector as slow to change, when in fact the transformation is simply hidden. We want to see how adopting DevOps has changed a department or team, with proven before-and-after stories.

DevOps Project of the Year - Private Sector:

Many private companies are now ‘doing DevOps', but some implementations are more successful than others. What prompted the adoption of DevOps methodologies, and what effect has it had on the business?



Organisational and Individual Awards

Most Innovative DevOps Vendor:

DevOps is another buzz phrase of the day, but 'not doing waterfall' is a far cry from actually innovating in the space. This award will go to the vendor displaying the most industry-leading approach to working with Dev Ops. Customer case studies are a strongly encouraged addition to your entry.


DevOps Leader of the Year:

This is an award for the individual who is leading Dev Ops by example. It may be departmental management, project leadership, or a personal innovation which has grown and developed the space.


DevOps Engineer of the Year:

It's still perhaps too early in the game to be a qualified "DevOps engineer". You'll have found your own career path, and have your own unique skillset and belief system. We want to find you, and celebrate your success as an example to others.


DevOps Hero of the Year:

Our DevOps hero of the year is a DevOps practioner who has gone the extra mile to show the rest of the industry how it works in action. They're not necessarily a leader in the traditional sense, but simply an individual who has taken DevOps to their core, and produced results not possible without seamless blending of development and operations.


Best DevOps Consulting Firm:

While a firm may have got to grips with DevOps, it's always a good idea to get an extra pair of eyes on a philosophy or a particular project, and that's where consulting comes in. Who are you working with, what are you doing for them, and what drives your perfect blend of incisive advice and guidance?


Best DevOps Training Provider:

Good DevOps requires new skills, and the best way to gain these is to learn from the experts. Are you the expert? We'd like to hear why. We'd like to know what you teach in DevOps, your core pillars of understanding of the practice, and as much information as you can offer on who you've taught, and the successes they've reached under your tutelage.


Young DevOps Engineer of the Year:

Awarded to an engineer working in a DevOps environment (or a workplace which is in the process of implementing a DevOps culture for all or part of its workload). Must show evidence of excellence, and of going above and beyond normal expectations. The engineer must be 30 years old or below at the time of the final submission deadline for the awards.


Best DevOps Cloud Provider:

Awarded to the cloud provider which offers the most innovative and/or successful DevOps tools. Judges will consider overall financial performance, market share, innovation, functionality and range of products, and customer references.


Best DevOps Team:

DevOps is fundamentally about team work, and we want to find the best example of such a unit working like clockwork. Developers, operations and other key stakeholders working in harmony is the name of the game. Obviously, we also want to see a discussion of the results generated by such a great group.


Best DevOps Services Company:

We're looking for the best overall DevOps services operation. From strategy to planning, maintenance to implementation, you'll do some or all of these to a high degree, and be able to prove it with good customer stories.

Best DevOps Startup:

As one of the IT industry's hottest buzzwords, there are a multitude of DevOps companies springing up now - from training providers to consultants to software developers. We are looking for a new company with an attractive proposition, clear vision and proven customer stories.

Most Successful Cultural Transformation:

Moving from a legacy waterfall-based way of working to agile methodologies takes a significant readjustment for employees at every business level. We are looking for cases where the company has seamlessly and successfully transitioned to DevOps workflows, with examples of employee attitudes.