Computing DevOps Live 2019

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Adopting DevOps means more than changing the way software is developed. Far from being just another buzzword, it's an evolving cultural shift that, if pursued successfully, should drive efficiencies way beyond the IT department.


Whilst software start-ups find the flexibility of containers, cloud-native technologies and serverless architectures a natural strategy, for more traditional legacy-based organisations, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker and Lambda can be baffling to even the most innovative board. Things move very fast in this space.


With ever-rising expectations of customers, and the constantly evolving world of technology, businesses need to be agile to survive. DevOps and Agile can seriously help an organisation streamline its processes, and achieve a much more efficient delivery approach. It's a methodology that allows everything to move faster by breaking down artificial barriers. 


But as with most silver linings, there is of course a cloud. Employees can be reluctant to change, business processes are hard to reconfigure and if adoption is not managed carefully departments will all end up operating at different speeds. What's the problem with this? Well, security breaches, vulnerabilities, and incompatibility to name a few. DevOps can make things worse rather than better, creating new silos of its own.


"Great Experience and learnt a lot about how other companies are progressing on their Dev Ops journeys"
– Joe Fernley, Lloyds Banking Group

"Informative and thought-provoking"
– Simon Tagart, Morgan Sindall Group plc

"Fantastic - Extremely informative with some great guest speakers."
– Scott Aitken, UCL

"Very helpful range of perspectives on DevOps"
– Laurie Thompson, LV


Hot Topics include:

  • How to approach DevOps in a monolithic enterprise environment?
  • How to convince the teams to embrace DevOps?
  • What additional benefits can microservices bring to DevOps?
  • How should effective DevOps teams be constructed?
  • Unifying DevOps and security
  • Achieving digital transformation through DevOps


Join us at Computing's fifth DevOps Live event to hear about all of these topics and more. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the evolution of DevOps, with our interactive elements you will be able to share and review peers′ experiences and mistakes. Through a variety of expert keynotes, end-user case studies, and moderated panel discussions the event will cover the key issues surrounding the transition to DevOps, pushing through Agile, and avoiding pitfalls along the way.






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