Staying one step ahead of evolving cyber threats


Operating large networks and processing vast amounts of sensitive information, financial sector organisations are an obvious target for ever evolving cyber attacks. And although the sector is highly regulated, being compliant doesn't necessarily guarantee that all risks are adequately managed and mitigated. Changing regulations, especially an introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also further complicate the situation.

What are the latest trends in cyber attacks and how does it affect cyber defence strategies? How to keep security training fresh year on year so that people would engage with it? How to ensure the GDPR compliance and what benchmarks are other firms using for it? Will Blockchain help to prevent cyberattacks? Where to focus your energy and budget when it comes to cybersecurity?

At this half-day Cybersecurity Strategy Briefing, targeted at the financial sector, we addressed these questions and many more

This is a complementary event was for senior technology professionals from financial sector firms.