Computing Technology Forum

Achieving manageability, security, stability and

high-performance with modern endpoint devices


Computing is proud to partner with Intel on our latest Computing Technology Forum!

The demands of enterprise IT estate management are evolving. The number and variety of devices are increasing, OS images are being refreshed more regularly, and workforces are operating globally and remotely.

Even the business models themselves are undergoing a dramatic shift. The rise of Device-as-a-Service means organisations are looking to third parties to not only supply devices on a subscription basis, but also package them with the cloud-based tools that underpin their day-to-day operations.

As Windows 10 installations tops 825 million, IT teams are tasked with its deployment and migration and the new models, tools and processes this involves. Meanwhile, the Internet of Things era is starting to realise its latent potential, making embedded systems another key component of IT estate management. Across these expanding attack surfaces, cyber security threats are growing more frequent and sophisticated.

The combined effect is rendering the manageability, security, stability and performance of enterprise IT environments a greater challenge than it has ever been. The way we work is changing, and the devices we're using are too. The demand for out-of-band management capabilities will only grow as IT teams must become ever more efficient and our multifarious devices more secure, dependable, capable and connected.

This forum will explore this through a series of presentations, panel discussions and interactive networking sessions, including an exclusive demo area and several insightful learning opportunities throughout the day.


Highlights include:


  • Exclusive analyst grade research from Computing
  • A keynote from CDW on workplace transformation
  • An industry case study on their journey in Windows 10 so far
  • An overview of Intel's vPro platform
  • Interactive panel discussion on managing a connected workforce