Computing's Cloud Excellence Awards aim to recognise the very best of the UK's cloud industry, from the most innovative and complelling products and vendors, through to the top use cases from end-user firms.


Used properly, the cloud can enable allow organistions to be fast to respond to changing market conditions, and to experiment with new ideas, products and tools. It can be an incredibly efficient way to set up new infrastructure and platforms, or to remove the management overhead of parts of the IT estate the business would prefer not to keep in-house.


With categories covering every aspect of cloud from both vendor and customer angles, there is sure to be something for every organisation. So enter today for your chance to demonstrate your cloud excellence to the rest of the industry. And with these awards being covered in Computing itself, your success will be shared not just with those present on the awards night itself, but with the entirety of the brand's audience.


Closing Deadline for Entries: Friday 28 June, 5pm

All categories are FREE to enter.


Submission requirements

Entrants will be asked to submit a maximum 800-word explanation, demonstrating how they meet the criteria. For product or service award entries, you are strongly encouraged to use the entry text to provide a customer case study. Submissions will be accepted via the online entry system only.


All information submitted will be for the use of judging and will remain confidential.


Please read on for further information on each category and application criteria.


Closing date for entries is 5pm on Friday 28 June.


Product Awards


Cloud Security Product of the Year - Large Enterprises

With many organisations still unsure about storing valuable data in the cloud due to security concerns, products to help set minds at ease are more important than ever. The judges will take innovation, features and market share into account. The winning entry however is likely to be the one which most impresses the judges in terms of its ability to protect its customers data and applications.

This category is for organisations with over 1000 employees.


Cloud Security Product of the Year - SMEs

This category is based on the same category as above, but for organisations with fewer than 1,000 employees.


Cloud DR and Continuity Product of the Year

Continuity and DR is essential to the modern business. This award will be given to the entry which demonstrates the most reliable service. Points will also be awarded for evidence of innovation, features and market share. Customer case studies will also be taken into account.


Unified Communications Product of the Year

With teams often geographically spread, UC is more important than ever to modern organisations. This award will go the UC product which demonstrates the best level of innovation and functionality. Points will also be awarded for evidence of strong market share, and customer references will be helpful.


Cloud Analytics Product of the Year

This award will go to the cloud analytics product which best helps its customers to extract value from their data. This will include evidence directly from customers, where possible. Innovation and functionality will also be taken into account.


Most Innovative Cloud Product or Service

This award will go to the cloud product or service which best demonstrates something different and fresh. This could be new features, or a new way of providing an established service, or it could be that the product or service was developed in a genuinely new way. Details of exactly how the product or service demonstrates innovation will be essential, and customer references, where available, will be helpful.


Best Hybrid Cloud Product of the Year

Many firms today choose to utilise both the public and private cloud. This award will be given to the entry which demonstrates the best use of both types of cloud. This could include, but is not limited to, the best integration of various cloud flavours. Points will be awarded for demonstrating why this hybrid strategy is best for your use case, and a clear explanation of how it was implemented.


Cloud Integration Product of the Year

Enabling applications to share data in the cloud is crucial for many firms today. This award will go to the product which most impresses the judges in terms of its ability to do this in a secure, fast, reliable manner. Points will be awarded for innovation and features, and customer case studies will be helpful.


Best Cloud Development Platform of the Year

The cloud helps developers to set up, run and test new applications and ideas at a speed which was impossible in the past. This award will go to the cloud development platform which best suits the needs of modern developers, taking into account flexibility, ease of use, speed and reliability. Points will also be awarded for innovation, and customer references.


Converged Infrastructure Product of the Year

Converged infrastructure can help to alleviate compatibility issues and reduce costs. This award will go to the product which best helps its customers achieve those goals. Points will also be awarded for innovation, ease of use, evidence of strong market performance and features. Customer case studies will also be taken into account.


Best Software-Defined Infrastructure Product

Software-defined infrastructure allows organisations greater flexibility, by enabling them to adapt their infrastructure to changing needs, without needing to replace it wholesale. This award will go to the software-defined infrastructure product which demonstrates the greatest functionality, ease of setup and use and level of innovation. Customer case studies will also help.


Cloud Telephony Product of the Year

Awarded to the product that best demonstrates usability, accessibility and innovation in the area of cloud communications. Judges will look at ease of replacing legacy systems; features; ability to scale; and integration with existing systems. Customer case studies are welcome.


Cloud Management Solution of the Year

This category is for software tools designed for managing and monitoring applications, data and services residing in the cloud. The award will be given to the solution which demonstrates the greatest ability to ensure that all of those elements are working optimally. Judges will take ease of use, functionality, innovation and customer references into account.


Cloud IoT Product of the Year

An IoT product in this case will be defined broadly, and could be any type of device or software tool which works with the Internet of Things. Entries should explain what the product does, and how it works with the IoT. Judges will score based on functionality, features and innovation. Customer references will also be taken into account.


Cloud Data Management Solution of the Year 

This category is for software tools designed for managing and monitoring data in the cloud. The award will be given to the solution which demonstrates the greatest ability to ensure that all of those elements are working optimally. Judges will take ease of use, functionality, innovation and customer references into account.


Supplier Awards


Cloud Vendor of the Year

This award will go to the cloud vendor which demonstrates something above and beyond what would normally be expected. It could be outstanding customer service, an innovative breakthrough in product development, or a major strategic shift which has produced genuine results. The winning entry will clearly explain why it separates itself from the pack, and how this difference benefits its customers.


Most Innovative Cloud Vendor of the Year 

This award will go to the cloud vendor which best demonstrates genuine innovation in the eyes of the judges. This could be in a new product line, or in development or other processes, not necessarily purely in technology. An explanation of how the innovation came about, together with its existing or projected impact on the overall business will help.


Best Cloud Support Provider

There are many facets to a firm’s cloud strategy and deployment. This award is for the organisations which aim to support their clients journey into the cloud, either from a strategic or direct implementation level. Entries should include customer case studies or references, together with an explanation of how the firm supports its clients, and what marks it out from the competition.


Cloud Entrepreneur of the Year

This award is for the individual who most impresses the judges with his or her ability to spot ad exploit opportunities. The winning entry will not necessarily have founded a company – though that may be the case – but they may have simply started a new department or subsection of their organisation. An explanation of the creative process in identifying and exploiting the opportunity in question will be essential.


End-User Awards


Cloud Champion of the Year

Who has excelled in pioneering or advocating cloud in your organisation? Who has driven cloud projects, transformation or simply the company’s direct journey into cloud storage or SaaS, with far-reaching effect? The judges are looking for the individual who has made visible and lasting changes to their business through the medium of cloud. Example by detailed case study is strongly encouraged.


Best Cloud Project

We’re looking for the most effective cloud project within an end user organisation. How has this use of cloud technology positively affected – even transformed – your organisation? It doesn’t matter the size or scale of the project – the onus is on impressing the judges with how it’s given your company the edge. Please include evidence by case study.


Best Overall Use of Cloud

We’ve covered the individual cloud champion and the individual project awards already, but this award is for an even wider aspect. Has cloud completely overhauled the way your business works? Have you gone from 0-60mph in the cloud and created rapid new revenue streams? Can you look back and year and say ‘Without the cloud, we wouldn’t be here now?’ Then this may be the category for you. Include a case study document to stand a much greater chance of success with the judges


Best Use of the Internet of Things

Many accuse technology vendors of “hype” in this relatively nascent extension of the cloud. And that’s where real life use cases come in. Have you applied the IoT in real life to genuinely enhance your business or scale a previous obstacle? If so, our judges want to hear about. Inclusion of a robust, detailed case study is mandatory with this category.


Best Use of Cloud in Software Development

SaaS, enhanced agility, testing environments, code branching, or simply better access to wider-ranging external services. These are just some of the ways the cloud can improve software development – but we want to hear about yours. Tell us how the cloud has enhanced your software development, and include examples by case study to describe your unique, highly success use case.


Best Cloud Analytics Project

The power of the cloud can drastically enhance an organisation’s ability to carry out analytics. With processing power far in advance of local systems, not only can analytics be processed faster, there are also a new range of interpretative possibilities available from external software services. The judges would like to see the very best cloud analytics project for 2017, supported by case study document to prove your use case stands out above all others in the UK IT industry.


Cloud Systems Engineer of the Year 

The winning engineer will demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their work; whether that is managing cloud systems to ensure availability and redundancy; curating cloud infrastructure and apps; or supporting the organisation in other ways. Examples of how your work has helped to solve real business problems are especially valuable.


Cloud Architect of the Year 

The leading cloud architect will be responsible for overseeing their company's cloud computing strategy. They might have capably handled or simplified a migration to a full or hybrid cloud architecture from on-premise; or devised a new way for architectural components to work together in the cloud. They will stay up-to-date on cloud news, and be able to share examples of where their advice and knowledge has benefited the business.


New categories for 2019


Serverless or Container Product of the Year

Containers, microservices and serverless deployments are all ways of reducing cloud overhead and modernising enterprise applications for the web era. Our judges are seeking the most innovative products in this rapidly growing space; customer case studies are essential.



Serverless or Container Project of the Year

Companies are making ever-increasing investments into cloud-native projects, and we are looking for the most innovative examples. Judges will need to know what the business challenge was that prompted a serverless, microservices or container deployment, why these solutions were chosen over more traditional approaches, and how the challenge was solved. Evidence of quantifiable benefits and business outcomes will be given high consideration.



Best Cloud Migration Tool of the Year

As data storage grows ever larger and digital transformation continues, companies are continually looking for solutions to get their on-premise data online - or to move data that is already in the cloud between providers. We are looking for the tool that most eases this process for customers, providing a simple and reliable way to migrate their data and applications. Evidence of use in customer case studies will be valuable.



MSP of the Year

Managed service providers take the stress out of IT, managing a customer's infrastructure and systems while enabling them to focus on their core competencies. Please provide evidence of work with customers, discussing how and why they chose you as their MSP and what the effect has been on their business.



Best Database-as-a-Service Provider

Database administration is rapidly moving toward DBaaS, taking administration requirements off of the shoulders of overworked IT staff. The explosion of big data, rising power and falling costs of doing business in the cloud are just a few of the factors behind this move. Customer case studies are given a high weighting in entries for this category.