"A really focused and engaging day, we went in-depth on the topics with useful and practical advice." – Systems Developer, University of Bristol

"A balanced mix of analysis, views and product direction, that is a really useful check and balance for our technical roadmap." – IT Director - Europe, Flemingo International

"Informative and a great forum to learn from those who have embarked on the journey sharing their learning, possible pitfalls and benefits." – Programme Manager ICT Strategic Architecture, Cheshire East Borough Council

"Valuable & interesting - great to hear different points of view from a wide range of speakers and attendees." – Integration Engineer, Financial Times


Cloud & Infrastructure Summit North 2018


Computing is pleased to announce our brand new event for 2018!

Due to popular demand, the Cloud & Infrastructure Summit will be coming to Manchester on Wednesday 18 April 2018.


The future of the cloud is unquestionably bright. You'd be hard pressed to find any organisation that isn't at least slightly invested in the vast opportunities that the cloud represents: a future that is faster, more productive and better connected. Cloud computing is flexible, scalable and cost-friendly, attracting consumers from start-ups to global enterprises - its scope is far-reaching and all encompassing. And with the many ground-breaking advances in technologies, the future of cloud has never been more exciting!

But, staying ahead of the competition is becoming increasingly important. In this digital age where everything is processed faster and nothing stands still, cloud positions itself as a solid solution for the modern age. It has become a part of our everyday lives, not only in the workplace but in our personal lives too. Yet, there is still resistance. Implementing a cloud culture in our workplaces is vital and the education of staff in the capabilities of the cloud is becoming increasingly important. It's not all blue skies from here on out - a fog has settled over cloud, and the same problems are still as prevalent as they were before. Join us at our latest Cloud & Infrastructure Summit in Manchester, where we will be discussing:

• The cloud in 2020
• Implementing cloud culture
• The role of AI, IoT and machine learning in the future of the cloud
• DevOps and cloud
• The inherent security risks of cloud

*The attendance is free for qualified senior IT end users. Final decision is at organisers' discretion

If you have any queries on registration, please contact simon.cleaver@incisivemedia.com