Our expert judging panel will submit their assessment of the entries against the judgement criteria using a managed scorecard. In the event of a points tie, the Chairman will have a deciding vote.



  • Tom Allen, Special Projects Editor, Computing



  • Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing
  • Graeme Burton, Group News Editor, Computing
  • John Leonard, Research Director, Computing
  • Amarjit Dhillon, CIO, Turning Point
  • Matthew Fryer, VP Chief Data Science Officer, Hotels.com
  • Ian Golding, Global Digital CIO
  • Chris Grundy, IT and AV Director, Cundall
  • Paul Houghton, Operations and Release Manager, NHS Digital
  • Huma Lodhi, Principal Data Scientist, Direct Line Group
  • Daniele Magazzeni, Lecturer in Aritificial Intelligence, King's College London
  • Duane Wald, Vice President and Managing Director EMEA and APAC at Multi-Tech