The AI & Machine Learning Awards celebrate the top performers working at the forefront of data, analytics, the Internet of Things and automation.


The explosion of data has never been a more important facet of the IT landscape, and the capture, storing and utilisation of these huge amounts of information has never been better showcased than in the exploding application of the Internet of Things.


With product, solution and project-related awards as well as organisational categories and accolades recognising outstanding individual achievement, there's an award to showcase every organisation's successes across data and analytics.


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Outstanding Data Analytics Solution Award

Data is acknowledged as the lifeblood of every organisation, but it's worthless without the ability to unlock its value. This award will go to the data analytics solution that demonstrates superior capabilities and features. Evidence of strong market performance and customer references will be taken into account.



Outstanding Data Management Solution

Awarded to the most impressive management tool for small amounts of data (i.e. not sets of big data). Examples could include solutions that operate in a company network, or target specific departments. The judges will look at features, ease of use and customer references.



Best Use of Automation - SME

Automation can play an essential role in small and medium businesses (companies with up to 1,000 employees), freeing up the limited numbers of staff from simple but time-consuming tasks to work on more skilled duties. This award will go to the project that has made a significant difference in a company's efficiency, ability to perform and/or mode of operation. Providing details on RoI or other quantifiable benefits is encouraged.



Best Use of Automation - Enterprise

As companies scale up, they will often find legacy tools and processes embedded in their culture; in these situations, automation can be a critical force in driving change. This award will go to the project that has made a significant difference in a company's efficiency, ability to perform and/or mode of operation. Providing details on RoI or other quantifiable benefits is encouraged.



Best Emerging Technology in AI Award

Although approach to AI have been evolving for years, researchers continue to develop new technologies that can change the world - or at least particular parts of it. Our judges are looking for the best of these solutions, paying particular attention to the challenge that they aim to overcome and how they accomplish it.



Outstanding AI/ML Project Award

There are many uses for AI and ML, from automating data entry to teaching a car to drive itself. The winning project must have accomplished something radically different, which a manual approach would struggle or be unable to accomplish. Note that this award is not limited to the office; all types of AI/ML projects are welcome.



Outstanding Analytics Infrastructure Award

Effective analytics infrastructure can make data, and its insights, more accessible to users, by embedding analytics in their standard operational processes. This award will go the analytics infrastructure platform or solution which demonstrates the best features. Evidence of market performance and customer references will be taken into account.



Outstanding Automation Security Award

Cyber security is essential to modern businesses, but staying ahead of attackers is a constant struggle. Automating some or all of that security to watch for attacks and respond in real time can remove a significant burden from overworked staff. The judges are looking for real-world examples of the technology in action; customer case studies will be given more weight than a sales pitch of the product.



Best Robotic Process Automation Solution

A subset of the wider world of automation, RPA relies on software robots or AI workers, which work in the front-end, instead of APIs; lowering the barrier to entry for automation for many firms. We are seeking the solution, in use in the world today, that enables significant levels of automation in any area: that could be data entry, security, machine operation or anything else. This is not a marketing pitch: case studies are vital.



Best RPA Project

Robotic process automation relies on software robots, acting as a slightly simpler start on the automation journey. However, businesses can still achieve highly advanced implementations using such tools, using RPA for everything from form-filling to natural language processing and machine learning. We are seeking the best execution of RPA, where it has been implemented swiftly and solved a significant challenge. Details on the aims and scale of the project, and its outcomes, are important.



Best Networking Automation Solution

Network management is a complex task, requiring constant monitoring of an environment and the ability to quickly respond to issues as they arise. Automating that process can speed up the network through bandwidth management, as well as performing other tasks to enhance security and availability. Our judges are looking for details of the solution, its features, its cost compared to the wider market and what differentiates it from its competition. Customer case studies will assist the entry.



Best Cloud Automation Tool

Traditionally, managing enterprise workloads in the cloud has been a time-consuming manual process. Offloading the work of provisioning virtual machines, load balancing and management can dramatically raise efficiency. Our judges are looking for the tool that has the largest impact on the IT team in terms of saving time and stress, and the business for lowering errors and saving money.



Best Use of AI in the IoT

The IoT generates vast volumes of data, and AI and machine learning technologies are necessary to help organisations sort through it and find the actionable intelligence buried within. This could be a real-time or post-event process. Entries should highlight the benefits the use of AI and ML have brought to your IoT project.



Best Use of Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive and prescriptive analytics technologies, which use statistical models and algorithms to help organisations gain valuable insight from data, can answer important questions for every type of organisation. Judges will be looking for genuine use cases, showcasing the benefits these tools have brought. Details around the RoI of any specific tools you've used, and what behavioural changes they have driven, will help.



Best AI/ML Educational Resource

Although AI and ML technologies have been around in various guises for some time, it is a fast-moving field, and technologists must keep up to speed with the latest developments. This award will go to the AI/ML educational resource that can demonstrate a real impact on its users, whether that's via usage statistics, user references, or some combination of the two.



Best AI Research Team

Though AI has been around for many years, it is developing area, and one that has excited technologists across the world. This award will go the AI research team that most impresses the judges with its results; that could be a major breakthrough in AI development or application, or a new way to deploy an existing AI-related technology. The results of the research should be explained clearly, with a financial value ascribed to the organisation if possible.



Most Innovative AI/ML Solution

This award will go the AI/ML solution that most impresses the judges with its ability to bring something genuinely new to its users. It could be the result of a major breakthrough or advance in technology, or simply a new way of looking at an old problem. Details of the innovation itself, how it was created, and how it differs from its rivals, should be included, along with customer references if possible.



Most Innovative Use of AI/ML

Artificial intelligence has been under development for years, but the industry keeps finding new ways to use it. This award will go to the company that can demonstrate a truly industry-leading approach, that has changed the way that the business or a department operates. Case studies are strongly encouraged.



Best AI Startup

AI and ML have been described as the big opportunity of our age for organisations of all types. This award will go to the startup (a company founded within the last five years) that is either developing an AI/ML solution to sell, or which relies on AI/ML technology for the services or solutions it sells. Explanations of the role AI plays in the organisation and the impact this has on its customers is required.



AI Technology Provider of the Year

Many organisations are rushing to deploy AI/ML technologies, and the trend shows no sign of abating. Likewise, many firms are setting up to service this need. This award will go the AI technology provider that most impresses the judges with its product(s); this could be down to functionality, uniqueness, market share, performance or some combination of these traits. Real world use cases and customer references will help.



Automation Technology Provider of the Year

Automation helps organisations to free its staff up from repetitive tasks, potentially unlocking their creativity. The Automation Technology Provider of the Year award will go the firm that most impresses the judges with its offering; this could be due to its functionality, uniqueness, market share, performance or some combination of these traits. Real world use cases and customer references will help.



AI/ML Team of the Year

No project can succeed without the effort and application of talented individuals. This award will go to the team that is working, or has worked within the last 12 months, on an AI/ML project. Judges will want to hear about the business benefits of the project, as well as how it uses AI/ML. Explain how this use is different and new for your organisation, and what the team did to bring about its success. Did the team perform in some especially innovative or extraordinary way?



Data Scientist of the Year

Data scientists represent the bridge between hardcore data analytics and the rest of the business, and without them, the success of leading-edge analytics work is severely compromised. We're looking for the greatest example of an individual who is at the peak of their game when marrying business and technology.



AI Professional of the Year

AI professionals are much in demand, with the explosion in AI/ML projects across a wide variety of organisations currently ongoing. This award will go the individual who most impresses the judges with his or her performance across the last 12 months; this could be due to a specific project or collection of projects, work on a product or several products, or some other form of AI-related professional activity. Examples of value created and references from colleagues will help.


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