✨ Congratulations to all our 2018 winners! ✨


Thank you to everyone that attended the 2018 Women in IT Excellence Awards. This really is a standout event in our calendar, because of the exceptional cause it promotes. We're incredibly proud of these awards and the noise they've made in the industry.

We hope you all had a fantastic evening.



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About the Awards

Now in its second year, the Women in IT Excellence Awards aims to shine a spotlight where it's most needed in tech: on the mould-breaking, ceiling-smashing female talent rising up the ranks and shaking up the industry.


Whether she's a superstar or a rising star, we want to hear about the incredible women you know in IT. This year, we have even more categories so we can reward the widest range of talent possible at every level, from promising newbies and recent grads to CIOs and CEOs -- the she-suite, if you will.


If you know a woman like that - or you are one yourself - take a look at our categories and get entering.