Enterprise Security & Risk Management Live 2018


Cyber-security is one of the most pressing issues in the digital world. Each day businesses are affected by novel attacks which go beyond the scope of traditional security solutions. With an ever-increasing global digital presence, it is essential to find the strategies that work.

To reduce the threat to not only the private landscape, but also national infrastructure, it is vital for the industry to better understand the cyber-security issues potentially putting them at high-risk. For businesses to be operating securely they need to be developing and educating on the best response system they can implement, whether that be a layered approach or keeping up-to-date with patch solutions. Part of this struggle is emphasising the importance of prioritising cyber-security and risk management.


Computing's fifth Enterprise Security & Risk Management Live discussed all of these topics and more. The conference was an excellent opportunity to gain practical tips through sharing and reviewing peers mistakes and experiences.

Through a variety of expert key-notes, end-user case studies, and panel debates the event covered the key issues surrounding cyber-security, how to implement the best solutions for your business, and how to raise and adopt cyber-security and risk management awareness within your personnel.



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