Programme List - Enterprise Security and Risk Management Live 2018


08.30 – 09.00


09.00 – 09.05

Opening Remarks

09.05 – 09.25

Computing Research

09.25 – 09.55

Morning keynote.

09.55 – 10.40

Panel Discussion: ‘The view from the board’

Andrew Hunt, Digital Data Director, Thought Research


  • How does cyber-security funding compare to other business priorities?
  • Risk vs cost: is it worth not paying for protection?
  • What are the cyber-essentials that need to be covered? 



10.40 – 11.10

Morning break, networking and visit to exhibition area

11.10 – 11.30

A data-lake? Encryption and credential management within the cloud


  • What are the best practices for ensuring your data is safe in the cloud?
  • What encryption and credential management methods should, and could, be used?
  • What are your responsibilities regarding security and confidence within the cloud, rather than just relying on being ‘safe in the herd’.



11.30 – 11.50

Insider threat


  • Understanding the risk of every human and end-point attached to your network.
  • Moving away from moat-mentality, the inside is not completely secure.
  • How to reduce the changes of an insider breach?
  • What to do if you are breached from within?


11.50 – 12.10

Hello, who is it? Social engineering.

  • An explanation of why email security is still one of an enterprises’ biggest vulnerabilities, but at a much higher cost.
  •  How can you raise awareness of employees so they confirm ‘who it is’?
  •  Attackers are increasingly targeting people with longer-term, more sophisticated efforts…what should users be conscious of before ‘clicking the link’?

12.10 – 12.30

Be prepared, not held to ransom

  • How significant is ransomware as a threat?
  • What can be done to reduce the risk of ransomware?
  • The do’s and don’ts of ransomware responses.

12.30 – 13.30

Lunch break, networking and visit to exhibition area

13.30 – 14.00

Afternoon keynote.


14.00 – 14.45

Panel Discussion: Staff awareness and security culture

Dr Louise Bennett, Management Board, IAAC
Daniel Cuthbert, Global Head of Cyber-Security Research, Grupo Banco Santander
  • How to increase understanding and involvement from senior-decision makers in cyber-security.
  • How do you implement consistent policy throughout your staff?
  • One of the biggest issues is ‘someone else will fix it’, how can you encourage accountability, and therefore smarter responses from your team?
  • How can you encourage staff, of all levels, to admit if they’ve made a mistake?

14.45 – 15.10

Case study:  Security as an enabler

  • How to use security as an enabler, rather than a ‘no force’.
  • The importance of increasing cyber-security awareness and education.
  • How to improve retention of that new awareness.

15.10 – 15.30

Afternoon break, networking and visit to exhibition area

15.30 – 15.55

Case study: Cloud-security: from start-up to enterprise

  • The importance of ensuring you’re secure from the very beginning to the very end.
  • How to manage the transition to/ growth of the cloud?
  • How to secure an ever-increasing number of end-points and remote devices?

15.55 – 16.40

Panel Discussion: Designing and implementing an effective security solution

  • What are the best coping mechanisms for the constantly evolving security landscape?
  • What are the core aspects of an effective security plan, including recovery?
  • Security in 6 out of 10 areas still leaves you vulnerable in 4. Are you being consistent with your solutions to ensure you’re secure in the right areas? 

16.40 – 16.45

Closing remarks

16.45 – 17.45

Drinks reception