Enterprise Security & Risk Management Summit 2017

Both our lives and our businesses grow more digital every year, and cyber security grows in importance at an equal rate. As cyber criminals' attacks become ever more sophisticated, we see an over-abundance of security solutions from an ever increasing number of vendors.

In order to reduce the risks of malicious intrusions it is important to understand the cyber security environment, i.e. where your weak points are and how to strengthen them. It's also imperative to educate yourself and your teams on the available protection measures, in order to see which ones are the best fit for your organisation.

And learning from the mistakes and expertise of others is a great help in safeguarding your business. Comprising expert keynotes, end user case studies and panel debates, the summit will cover how to choose the right cyber security strategy for your business, building cyber security culture and awareness, how to futureproof your firewall, cloud security, as well as key cyber security trends, including implications of General Data Protection Regulation and Brexit.

If you have any queries on registration, please contact simon.cleaver@incisivemedia.com