Automation: streamlining your essential business processes


Automation is the latest buzzword in the tech space, with all the headlines suggesting that major cost savings and efficiency gains garnered from utilising the technologies will free up a huge amount of employee time and hopefully save companies a lot of money. This is of the utmost importance in some companies where the use of print communications is vital for regulatory and compliance issues. The sheer amount of paper used in the financial services and legal industries for example is huge and much as we try to shift our customers into email and web communications with all those polite requests to respect the environment, some customers and stakeholders refuse to budge, preferring to get the likes of invoices, statements, planning notifications, legal correspondence, doctor's appointments - a forest of communications - through the post, in paper; often for good reason.


Join us at Computing's latest IT Leaders Forum, in partnership with Pitney Bowes, as our panel of experts assesses the current use of automation in the enterprise, the future of automation, and the vast scale of the inbound/outbound paper problem affecting enterprises. Learn how your organisation could save on costs, improve efficiency, and hopefully make a huge difference to the environment.

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