Preparing for an automated future


Automation is disrupting businesses across the globe. With the development of new technologies, more companies are thinking about integrating automation into their workplace. Automation is said to not only massively increase efficiency but also increase profitability and promote employees to higher value roles. Financial, legal, healthcare, and food retailers are only some of the sectors that have adopted automation in recent years. Many of these sectors have significantly automated communications and operations with the NHS introducing video chat GP consultations and food retailers automating their warehouses to enhance productiveness. Despite this visible shift in automation, some companies and stakeholders still do not want to invite automation into their workplace due to the fear of ineffective implementation of automation which could result in loss of revenue and some individuals do simply prefer paper communication or in-clinic consultations.


Join us at Computing's latest IT Leaders' Forum, Preparing for an Automated Future, in partnership with Automation Anywhere. Hear the thoughts of expert panelists discussing the impact automation can have on business and the wider economy and industry leaders reflecting on their journey to automation and its positive impact. Learn how your organisation can effectively adopt automation to increase the efficiency of its operations, save large costs and better adapt employees to different roles.


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