IT Leaders' Summit 2018

Driving Digital Transformation

Today's CIO has to be closer to the business than ever before, without losing any of their grasp on technology, and the ways in which it can best benefit the enterprise.

IT is a business enabler, an engine for growth and in some cases even a new source of revenue as firms seek to offer out their technology expertise as a new product line - something we at Computing have seen happening in verticals from construction to finance.

At the same time firms are looking to IT leaders to drive the new digital strategy - finding ways to maximise the return from eCommerce, mobile and the company's web and social media presence. Some see this as the remit for a new role, the CDO, whilst others place this under the CIO's responsibilities.

The IT Leaders' Summit is a unique opportunity for a select group of senior IT executives to collaborate on current challenges and discuss the impact of new trends. Working in partnership with our network of IT leaders we have identified key industry themes that will form the foundation of the summit, and have invited top industry figures to share their expertise.

To know more about next year's event, please contact Evert Lombaert, providing full contact details:

T: 0207 484 9773