Programme List - IT Leaders Summit 2018


09.00 – 09.30

Registration and breakfast

09.30 – 09.35

Welcome and opening remarks
Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing, V3 & The Inquirer

09.35 -  09.50

Introducing Delta
Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing, V3 & The Inquirer

09.50 – 10.20

Google: Welcome to the Age of the Cloud Worker
Lyndon Fraser, Chrome Sales Specialist, Google Chrome Enterprise

Digital disruption has changed how information workers access information, collaborate, and serve customers. Employees increasingly rely on cloud-based business apps to do their jobs, using the browser as a central access point. Anytime, anywhere, any device work is now the norm. Employees need technologies that support their productivity at and away from their desks or offices. Technology decision makers recognise these evolving needs and are evolving their workforce enablement approaches to meet them. Spurred on by the need for insights, speed, and collaboration a new type of worker has emerged; the Cloud Worker. Come join us on how to rethink the workforce technology in the age of insight.  

10.20 – 10.45

Logicalis: The reality behind the AI myth that enterprises need to know
Richard Simmons, Head of European AI & IoT Practice, Logicalis
  • How to put AI into practice inside your organisation.
  • Powerful use-cases of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Practical advice for an AI-ready infrastructure.

10.45 – 11.20

Morning break, networking and visit to exhibition area

11.20 – 12.30

Discussion Roundtables

Break-out discussion tables with a member of the Computing editorial team, and a representative from the roundtable sponsor. Discuss the benefits, challenges, and peer experiences of the following topics: 

Logicalis: AI and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence is the latest hype in data insights everyone is talking about, despite being in its infancy, as organisations look to generate business value from their data. According to industry studies, only 4% of organisations have deployed AI, while most of the businesses are in the early phases of AI adoption facing unexpected challenges.
Taking the first step into the world of AI can be daunting. Join our roundtable where we will be discussing the key factors and approaches to be considered in order to deliver a scalable AI strategy.

Mendix: Delivering agility to the modern enterprise
For digital transformation and agile development to succeed, every part of the organisation needs a voice in the process. In this round-table Mendix will be discussing the key agile development methodologies necessary to improve responsive business demands in the move towards automated processes. 

Nuance: Digital Transformation
As demands for faster delivery continue to intensify, your organisation must be prepared to make the changes that will improve operational efficiency. With Nuance Communications and Dragon Speech Recognition Software, we help you consider the role of reporting in business, the drain on productivity by labour-intensive methods, the positive impact of speech recognition technology and the challenges that need to be overcome to deliver business benefits.

Computing: Top Tips for Enteprise Security 
With more organisations finding themselves hacked, or leaking data in other ways, what are the top tips to stay out of the headlines, and away from the ICO's gaze? Which top 3 tips can help CIOs and security professionals sleep at night. After all, there's no such thing as guaranteed security, but get the basics right and you should be able to avoid the vast majority of attacks.

12.30 – 13.00

Driving business growth through agile IT
Gavin Drescher, Chief Information Officer, LV=
  • Preparing your business for the digital age by making a move to agile.
  • What are they key ingredient of successful agile projects?
  • Architectures for the enterprise of the future.

13.00 – 14.30

Complimentary 3 course lunch with guest speaker: Alex Sbardella
The future of digital? Ask China 

A unique set of circumstances in China has made it a hotbed of cyber innovation, leading to vast experimentation with applying data through AI. The presentation outlines key players, trends and case studies, and insights into how we can translate the specific Chinese context to other markets. 

14.30 – 14.35

Closing remarks
Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing, V3 & The Inquirer
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