Sopra Steria IT Leaders Dining Club

Are most analytics initiatives doomed to fail, or is there a formula for success?

Date: Wednesday 22 February 2017

Venue: The Gherkin, The Chivas Room


6:30pm - Drinks reception
7:15pm - 3 course dinner
8:45pm - Research Presentation
9:00pm - Round Table Discussion
10:00pm - Post Dinner Drinks
11:30pm - Carriages

For information on attending, please email Amy Greene at with your full details and any dietary requirements you have.

About the event:

It's sad to say, but while analytics is a buzzword in many organisations, the majority of initiatives rolled out end in failure.

The truth is that not all organisations have the necessary structure and mind set to deliver big data and analytics initiatives without some serious preparatory work first. The success of a data and analytics project requires a number of factors to be in play; including, for example, agile methodologies, support from the top, and proper data governance.

Typically, analytics projects are initiated by an enthusiast in the IT department keen to play with supposedly world-changing technologies like Hadoop or Spark, or NoSQL databases, or by someone in the business who has no idea about the technology involved. This can lead to the cart being put firmly before the horse, with businesses value tacked on almost as an afterthought.

Such initiatives may well fail to deliver, but even those that make it past the pilot stage by involving the business early and focusing on delivering value face further issues. They need to deliver ROI on the budget allocated to them and this may be easier said than done as it is often predicated on broader changes throughout the business.

But wherever the fault lies when analytics initiatives fail to deliver, it is often the IT department that gets the blame.

We'll also be looking at what businesses can actually do to make sure their own analytics initiatives don't end up in failure.

How do I reserve my place?

For information on attending, please email Amy Greene at with your full details and any dietary requirements you have.