Hybrid cloud: Is it the answer to all of your problems?

Tuesday 31 October
Malmaison Manchester
1-3 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 3AQ

Sponsored by: HPE

About this Dining Club:

Hybrid cloud has emerged as the go-to strategy for most organisations, with its mix of public and private cloud services and applications, which in theory provide the best of both worlds. Certainly there are many advantages, but what are the pitfalls to watch out for on your hybrid cloud journey? What tools and skills will you need to best take advantage of its benefits? What will you need to ensure that any new services integrate properly with your existing environment? And is hybrid cloud really a destination or just a stepping stone to a fully cloud-based future?

This dining club will explore all of these issues and more, in a relaxed, elegant setting.

Timings for the evening:

6:30pm - Drinks reception
7:15pm - 3 course dinner
8:45pm - Research Presentation
9:00pm - Round Table Discussion
10:00pm - Post Dinner Drinks
11:30pm - Carriages

To find out more, and book your place, please contact Lydia Szulc-Krzyzanowska via