Workday IT Leaders Dining Club

Digital strategy - pulling it all together

Date: Tuesday 14 March 2017
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard


6:30pm - Drinks reception
7:15pm - 3 course dinner
8:45pm - Research Presentation
9:00pm - Round Table Discussion
10:00pm - Post Dinner Drinks
11:30pm - Carriages

For information on attending, please email Lydia Szulc-Krzyzanowska at with your full details and any dietary requirements you have.

About this event:

Digital transformation is all about businesses taking advantage of new technology, particularly cloud, to streamline processes and to improve the customer experience and deliver the right information in the right format to the right people, wherever in the world they might be. The recipient of that data may be using a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone. Increasingly the end point may be a car, a home hub or a robot. The principle remains the same: using data to provide a better experience to customers and employees alike.

Of course it's not really about the technology. Digital transformation is about changing the structure and culture of the organisation to make it better able to take advantage of the new opportunities which turn up at an ever increasing rate. In order to grow, organisations need to be quick on their feet, able to innovate and act ahead of the competition. In order to comply with new regulations such as the EU GDPR they must ‘flatten' their systems to improve data governance and eliminate silos as far as possible. In order to stay strong, they need to be able to attract and retain high quality employees.

Key points for discussion:

• Attracting and retaining talent
• Strategies for harnessing the IoT, AI and robotics
• Addressing security, compliance and integration issues with cloud-based applications
• How IT and the business can meet in the middle
• Being an early adopter of disruptive tech and making it work for your business

The IT Leaders Club is the place where you can debate the challenging issues of harnessing technology for business benefit with your peers through structured discussion based on Computing's Research findings.

How do I reserve my place?

For information on attending, please email Lydia Szulc-Krzyzanowska at with your full details and any dietary requirements you have.

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