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Thank you to all those who attended the Internet of Things Business Summit 2016. This website contains information about the 2016 Summit. More information around the Internet of Things Business Summit 2017 will be made available later in the year.

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  • Internet of Things Business Summit
  • Internet of Things Business Summit
  • Internet of Things Business Summit
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  • Internet of Things Business Summit

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the idea that anything and everything today can benefit from connectivity, not just traditional devices like laptops and smartphones. Many people are familiar with the internet fridge, but today chips are embedded in everything from clothes and parking spaces to even our food.

Some of the benefits are obvious. When a utility's network is flooded with connected sensors, the operators can get a real-time picture of its performance, and discover any maintenance needs or areas of inefficiency before they become a serious issue, thus making the business more time and cost efficient. On the other hand, there are serious usability, privacy and data security concerns around IoT. There are not many examples describing successful implementation and integration of IoT into a business model either. Businesses can benefit greatly from IoT, but they must first understand the potential pitfalls, and ensure that their investment brings in the maximum possible return.

Join us to hear about:

  • What opportunities does IoT bring and how to differentiate your business using IoT?
  • How you make your business more profitable with the help of IoT technology
  • The challenges of integrating IoT into your business model
  • How to deal with vast amount of data collected from IoT devices
  • How to ensure privacy and security of collected data
  • What business model changes are necessary to successfully adopt and implement IoT


Would you like a flavour of Computing conferences? Watch our video from the Big Data & Analytics Summit 2016 below:

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