"A well organised event with the relevant and useful content - keep it going please."
– Software Development Director, Kantar Media

"Well thought out and put together. The presenters and topics were spot on for the audience and made for a informative and enjoyable day."
– eCommerce Support Lead (FX & MM), Lloyds Banking Group

"Very informative and well run, with a good selection of speakers"
– Technical Lead, River Island Clothing Company

"A well organised and informative event. Great speakers providing interesting examples of how DevOps is being used today and also a very broad cross section of industries involved in the discussions."
– eFX Systems Analyst, Lloyds Banking Group

"I found the day extremely useful; a good range of speakers providing valuable insights into introducing and successfully running DevOps practices in enterprise companies."
– Environments Manager, John Lewis Partnership

"Excellent, Educational and thought provoking."
– Snr Project Mgr Information Security, Financial Social Enterprise

"One of the best Dev Ops summits I have been to - lots of useful experienced companies sharing their challenges"
– Chief Subject Matter Expert, Lloyds Banking Group

"An excellent event addressing a good range of issues across the core subject and providing evidence and opinion to help enable decisions in Dev (Sec) Ops strategy."
– Head of Operations, BMJ

"A fantastic opportunity to knowledge share with people that are doing DevOps; hearing what works, and what could be done better."
– Technical Lead, River Island Clothing Company


DevOps Summit 2018 - Wednesday 21 March
Thank you for attending

DevOps has become an inescapable word in technology circles recently, with many firms wanting to reap the business benefits of bringing developers and operational staff closer together. The goal of the concept is to increase efficiency and start delivering better quality software more quickly. But if it was that simple, everyone would be doing it. While startups practicing DevOps have a freshness of a new beginning and ability to change the approach if the need arises, DevOps at a large enterprise is a different story. In theory, such companies can accomplish more because they have more resources available to build larger systems, however scale introduces challenges that can make adopting DevOps a very difficult task.

At the event we will look at challenges enterprise DevOps adoption and answer such questions as:

  • How to approach DevOps in a monolithic enterprise environment?
  • How to convince the teams to embrace DevOps?
  • What additional benefits can microservices bring to DevOps?
  • How should effective DevOps teams be constructed?
  • Unifying DevOps and security
  • Achieving digital transformation through DevOps


If you have any queries on registration, please contact hope.alderman@incisivemedia.com