Operating large networks and processing vast amounts of sensitive information, financial sector organisations are an obvious target for ever evolving cyber attacks. And although the sector is highly regulated, being compliant doesn't necessarily guarantee that all risks are adequately managed and mitigated. Changing regulations, such as an introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also further complicate the situation.

How should firms balance compliance with efficiency, productivity and security? What cyber security strategies work and how do you measure their success? What are the risks particular to the financial sector? Should financial organisations spend more on security because they are more at risk? What implications will the GDPR have on the business activities of financial institutions?

At this half-day Cybersecurity Strategy Briefing, targeted at the financial sector, we will address these questions and many more. Please join us to hear case studies from the industry experts, contribute to interactive panel debate as well as to network with your peers.

This is a complementary event for senior techology professionals from financial sector firms.

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