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Gaining visibilty and reducing the risk

Many CIOs find themselves in an uncomfortable place. Urged by the business to remove blockers to digital adoption by democratising IT procurement via cloud services, it is still with them that the buck stops. It is the CIO who's responsible for keeping data secure and it's the CIO who's in the firing line should any breaches of the ever stricter data protection laws occur.


Cloud application usage is on the rise and with the surge in sanctioned cloud adoption and ‘cloud first' initiatives, organisations are beginning to weigh the positive increase in productivity and cost effectiveness against the negative security risks that come with it. Consequently, cloud security is of the utmost importance to these businesses, especially as a large quantity of them are dealing with highly sensitive data which, if leaked, could permanently damage the company's reputation whilst also greatly entrenching on the privacy of their customers.


Visibility is of principal importance when it comes to cloud security, but the rise in unsanctioned cloud applications poses a distinct threat to security teams. This, coupled with the proliferation of BYOD, which creates unmanaged endpoints, leaves the doors open for those with malicious intent to creep in. Furthermore, it's becoming increasingly apparent that it is not only outsiders that are testing these defences. Attacks from within are serious, with insider threats further challenging security teams in their attempt to protect their critical data.


So, where do the blind spots lie? How does an organisation ensure the security of its data? How can your security team maintain control? These and many more questions will be answered in our latest IT Leaders Forum, free to attend for qualified end-users.


Date: Wednesday 18 October

Venue: County Hall, London



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