Welcome and opening remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing, V3 and The Inquirer


Computing research

Peter Gothard, Technology Analyst, Computing


Opening Keynote



Case Study: “Cloud for Clouds” How can we be agnostic about cloud offerings

Ajwat Hasan, Infrastructure and Cloud Architect, FCA

  • Multiple cloud - an agnostic approach
  • Consumer choice to get best of cloud offering
  • Future of cloud - a mystery


Panel discussion: Adopting hybrid cloud: why, when and how?

Alex Hooper, Head of  Operations, BMJ

Nick Ioannou, Head of IT, Radcliffe Groves partnership

Paul Dingwitz, MD & Head of IT, Smart Games Technologies

  •          Why should you adopt hybrid cloud and what are the benefits?
  •          What boxes need to be ticked to ensure that your enterprise hybrid cloud ready?
  •          How did you manage the transition to hybrid cloud?


Morning break and visit to the exhibition area


The GDPR and the cloud

  •          How to handle cloud apps when the GDPR is in full swing?
  •          How to ensure compliance when operating in the cloud
  •          What opportunities arise from the GDPR?


Cloud based disaster recovery

  •          Evaluating your data protection needs
  •          How to ensure business continuity?
  •          Things to keep in mind when implementing cloud based disaster recovery


Hybrid cloud: The future of infrastructure

  •          Hybridise some things or everything?
  •          How to build a flawless hybrid environment
  •          The evolution of hybrid infrastructure


Hyper-converged infrastructure: what role will it play in my enterprise?

  •          Hyper-converged: the past, the present and the future
  •          What is the role of integrated systems in the agile era?
  •          Hyper convergence pain points and how to overcome them


Lunch and visit to the exhibition area


Panel discussion:  Navigating security in the cloud

Jay Harrison, SRE Lead, Centrica

Paul Houghton, Technology Delivery Manager, NHS Digital

John Keegan, Head of Infrastructure Services, DWP

  • ·         What security hurdles must be cleared before adopting the cloud?
  • ·         Realities and risks in the cloud
  • ·         SecDevOps (or whatever you want to call it!)


The trials and tribulations of a migration to cloud ready software

Andy Czerwinski, Digital IT Architect, British Gas


Afternoon break and visit to the exhibition area


DWP Journey to hybrid cloud

John Keegan, Head of Infrastructure Services, DWP


Panel Discussion: Cloud computing: the next generation

Ben Naylor, Innovative Technology Transformation Manager, Belron International

Chris Grundy, Director, Cundall 

Mark Evans, Head of IT, RLB

  •          What to expect from cloud in the future?
  •          Why mobile and IoT didn’t change the cloud but AI ca
  •          How will cloud adapt to important future tech advances?

17.00 –17.05

Closing remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing, V3 and The Inquirer