Speakers List - Cloud & Infrastructure Live 2018


John Easton

Distinguished Engineer, Watson Cloud Platform

IBM Hybrid Cloud

John is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and leads IBM's Cloud Adoption teams in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. These teams help clients best adopt cloud computing to affect business change. He is internationally known for his work helping commercial clients exploit large scale distributed computing infrastructures, particularly those utilising new and emerging technologies.

He has worked with clients in a wide range of industries with a particular focus on banks and financial markets firms. He also has significant experience in the telecommunications sector. Previous to his cloud computing roles for IBM, John led a pan-European team building infrastructures to support client big data and advanced analytical workloads.

Over his time at IBM, John has led initiatives around hybrid systems, computational acceleration, grid computing, energy efficiency and mission-critical systems. John is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and a Fellow of both the Institute for Engineering and Technology and the British Computer Society.


Ajwat Hasan

Infrastructure and Cloud Architect

Financial Conduct Authority

Ajwat has 18 years of experience in IT in different roles from DBA, Unix System Admin, Infrastructure Architect, IoT Architect and Cloud Architect. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Business IT along with AWS certified Solution Architect and Oracle Certified Expert and has had the opportunity to work for FTSE 100 companies in the Telecommunications, Financial and Media sector. He has been involved in many major Datacentre Migration projects and at the moment working on DC migration programme from on-premises DC to AWS Cloud.

Andy Czerwinski

Digital IT Architect

British Gas

One of a team of Architects that shape and drive the Digital Transformation of the British Gas website. Advocate of HTML5 and the move to client side applications running in client Browsers. Advocate of API technology and API's to split the views (supplied by EmberJS web applications) and the data via microservices (supplied by RESTFUL api's using NetflixOSS and SpringCloud/SpringBoot from Pivotal), ably supported by Hashicorp's Nomad, Consul and Vault.

Ben Naylor

Innovative Technology Transformation Manager

Belron International

Ben started his career in IT at Honeywell Space and Aviation, before moving to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. He joined Belron in 2012 and has been responsible for a number of significant IT projects, including the implementation of their first cloud migration project into Amazon Web Services and the implementation of Microsoft AX in Azure. He is now responsible for IT transformation across Belron's businesses in US, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Netherlands. Ben also leads the Transformation IT team at Belron International's Head Office in Egham.

Jay Harrison

SRE Lead


In IT for 2 decades in roles as varied as hardware integration with Dell and massive scale social media applications with Electronic Arts, Jay has architected and run scalable, resilient solutions for big players. Now working with Centrica Connected Home he is steering the team building Hive, one of Europe's largest IoT platforms

John Keegan

Head of Infrastructure Services


John Keegan is the Head of Infrastructure Services for the Department for Work and Pensions where he is helping transform how the department consume ICT services through Hybrid Cloud.

John has established a reputation for being a resourceful, innovative and highly skilled technical leader with over 30 years' experience in ICT; he has built his portfolio from a solid hands-on technical delivery basis through to established business leaders. John holds a range of industry technical certifications including CEng MIET, Cisco CCIE and CISSP.

Prior to the Department for Work and Pensions, John held various leadership roles within Fujitsu, including Business Development Manager, Director of Communications Solutions Business, and Network & Telecommunications CTO. Prior to Fujitsu John worked for British Telecom where he was CTO for the Department for Work and Pensions.




Nick Ioannou

Head of IT

Ratcliffe Groves Partnership

Nick Ioannou is an IT professional, blogger, author and public speaker on cloud and security issues, with over 20 years' corporate experience, including 14 years using cloud/hosted software as a service (SaaS) systems. As an early adopter of cloud systems, he has been paying for the privilege of bug testing them ever since, going through the pain points and making sure others don't have too. He started blogging in 2012 on free software and IT tips (http://nick-ioannou.com) currently with over 400+ posts. Author of Internet Security Fundamentals and contributing author of Managing Cybersecurity Risk.

Paul Houghton

Technology Delivery Manager


Paul has been working on NHS.UK for over 7 years and is responsible for the day to day technical operations of www.nhs.uk making sure millions of users a month get the health & wellbeing information that they need. Paul is involved with many projects at NHS Digital including: the evolution of deployments from thick stacks of paper release notes to automated deployments, Continuous Integration, the move from data centre to cloud, waterfall to agile, monolithic application to micro services, and departmental silos to cross functional delivery teams and DevOps.

Chris Grundy



Chris leads Cundall's (a global consulting engineer for the built environment) IT and audio-visual consulting team.
Chris works with clients to define the technology strategy for buildings. He has extensive experience gained from 250+ projects including data centres, headquarters, hotels, stadia and universities.
Buildings are a driver for the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Data is now being harnessed from buildings to improve staff well-being and productivity, utilisation of assets and enable remote management.
Through cloud and AI, buildings are becoming both predicative and adaptive. The increase in data and analysis could have profound implications, with AI becoming essential to both make sense of the data, whilst also providing security and self-healing capabilities. We are entering an information age of buildings.

Paul Dingwitz

Head of Technology Operations

Smartgames Technologies

Paul is Head of Technology Operations and Managing Director for Smartgames Technologies, where he is responsible for Infrastructure, Security & Compliance, Development Operations and In-House IT functions. His mission is to drive innovation within the technology teams, leveraging automation and implementing processes like Infrastructure as Code among others. During his 20 year career Paul has maintained numerous roles within the technology field. Early in his career he was a pioneer in the video streaming industry and soon helped transition large broadcast television companies such as CNN, ABC, CBS and FOX from tape based broadcast systems to fully digital systems with seamless end to end workflows. Most recently before Smartgames, Paul was the Vice President of Technology Operations at Rue LaLa, in Boston Massachusetts, and CTO of ONE Media Corp."

Dave Palmer

Director of Technology


Dave Palmer is a cyber security technical expert with over ten years' experience at the forefront of government intelligence operations. He has worked across UK intelligence agencies GCHQ and MI5, where he delivered mission-critical infrastructure services, including the replacement and security of entire global networks, the development of operational internet capabilities and the management of critical disaster recovery incidents. At Darktrace, Dave oversees the mathematics and engineering teams and product strategy. He holds a first class degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the University of Birmingham.

Mark Evans

Head of IT


Mark Evans has worked for the world's largest independent construction consultancy as a partner and Head of IT for EMEA for the last twelve years, leading the practise into IaaS in 2008 and now into Hybrid Cloud. Prior to this, Mark worked as global infrastructure director for a top five shipping company.

Developing ideas about business through the course of mid-career MBA studies, Mark now views IT as a very important facet of business but feels disappointed that there is still a considerable amount of old-fashioned thinking regarding IT as an end in and of itself. By continually challenging the status quo Mark seeks to build a dialogue and question the "holy cows" of the IT industry as a whole, for no other reason than to create a positive financial performance of his employer and a positive reflection on his team.


Rajkumar Munusamy

Product Manager

Sungard Availability Services

Rajkumar Munusamy has worked at Sungard Availability Services for 3+ years. He received a PhD in Physics from the University of Hull. He has been active in the recovery services area since joining Sungard AS and has been helping educating customers that recovery is more than just backing up your data. The biggest challenge he sees in the industry is that customers fall short of completing the 3 steps approach to recovery; a) Protect My Data, b) Recover My Environment and c) Manage My Recovery, which consists of people, process and technology.

Mike Rivers

Director Cloud Computing


Mike Rivers kick-started his career in technology infrastructure with the IT non-event of the millennium and its fabled bug. He initially worked with data centre infrastructure, building platforms for the subsequent .com boom. Having escaped the physical infrastructure world with more than a few service delivery scars and a drive to change through innovation, he spent 8 years developing cloud services. In more recent years he has worked in management consultancy for the big 4 and now works at Interoute, where he is leading the digital transformation agenda.

Alex Hooper

Head of Operations


As Head of Operations at BMJ, Alex has been a driving force behind the company's ongoing transformation and modernisation that has thus far seen the entire estate come under configuration management and move to a public/private hybrid-cloud platform.

The focus is now on automating provision and adopting an infrastructure-as-code model and moving towards an immutable architecture, while consolidating and strengthening a DevOps culture that has already seen an improvement in outcomes born of better communication, collaboration, process, and the sharing of skills and responsibility.

Since 1997, Alex has moved from website design through simple CGI and JavaScript programming to multi-tier, web-based application design and build, all the while managing the hosting infrastructures on which they sat. Developing and running a site for the 1998 World Cup was an early exercise in scale that ignited his passion for web-operations.

As such, Alex has developed a holistic approach to the development and delivery of Internet-based systems that harmonises nicely with the current reign of DevOps.


John Abel

Head of Technology & Cloud UK, Ireland and Israel


John's primary role in Oracle is Head of Technology and Cloud developing the strategy for UK and Ireland while in parallel managing the business development and sales consulting function. John has worked in Consulting, Support, Education and Business Development, he has a very wide view of the Oracle landscape which helps customers define and drive their own strategy. In his presentations, John relates to actual customer experience and provides real world answers to real world problems. John is also a successful Oracle Press Author and using his experience of over 300+ customer engagements has produced publications explaining the Oracle Technology and Applications.

Gary Jones

Senior Principal Consultant

CA Technologies

Gary is a Senior Principal Consultant with CA Technologies based in the UK. During his 20 year career within the technology industry, he has held numerous roles from an EMEA Advisor for the Financial Services sector to advocate for Cloud adoption. With a background in IT Security, Application Performance Monitoring and Virtual Private Networks, Gary has expertise and experience working with converged infrastructure from application to the end-user and is relentlessly focused on customer experience, ultimately helping organisations to transform and thrive in the Digital Economy.

Russell Nolan

Senior Systems Engineer


Russell Nolan is Enterprise Technical Advisor for Veeam Software, based in the UK. Russell has a background in Data Storage technologies including Storage Networking, Virtualisation and Optimisation. He has a wealth of experience with virtualised environments as well as extensive knowledge of best practices for data security and availability in the modern data centre.

Nigel Hawthorn

EMEA & Privacy Spokesperson

Skyhigh Networks

From working with an Apple distributor in 1980, Nigel has over 30 years' experience of computers, security, networking and mobility. He has a strong technical background, with roles in pre-sales and post-sales support and product management before technology marketing. His international experience started in 1987 and he has presented at security, privacy, e-commerce and networking conferences in over 50 countries.

He has written the book "GDPR: An action Guide for IT" and speaks and writes regularly on data protection regulations and user privacy. He has also written many articles and contributed to a number of computing books on network protocols and security. Nigel lived in California for a number of years before relocating back to the UK as he was missing the rain!

His experience has mirrored many of the most innovative areas of computing; Apple and PCs in the 1980s, storage and networking in the 1990s, Internet performance and web security in the 2000s and mobility and cloud enablement in the 2010s.


Peter Gothard

Technology Analyst

Incisive Business Enterprise IT

Peter is Technology Analyst at Incisive Business Enterprise IT, focusing on CIO-level IT topics by running end-user and wider industry focus groups, writing white papers and reports, as well as delivering seminars and keynotes on these findings.

Previously, Peter was a journalist and Editor at Computing, V3 and The Inquirer for five years, specialising in Big Data analytics, cloud technology, HCI and endpoint as well as government digital policy.

Graeme Burton

Group News Editor, Enterprise IT

Incisive Media

Graeme Burton, Group News Editor at Incisive Media, works across a portfolio that includes Computing, V3 and The Inquirer. A business journalist with 20 years of experience in national press and magazines, he has written for and about industries as diverse as utilities, banking, information and knowledge management, as well as almost all aspects of IT. At Computing he has written about mobile, computing security, data centres, operating systems as well as enterprise hardware and software. He also presents online webinars, roundtables and interviews, and is a frequent contributor for CNN.

Tom Allen

Special Projects Editor

Computing, V3 & The Inquirer

Tom Allen is the Special Projects Editor for Computing, V3 and The Inquirer. He joined Incisive Media in 2017 from the display industry; trading LCDs and quantum dots for big data and the IoT.

As well as writing, Tom regularly interviews C-level IT leaders, organises events across the three titles and complains about improper use of the Oxford comma.


The Chair

Stuart Sumner

Editorial Director

Computing, V3 and The Inquirer

Stuart Sumner is Editorial Director of Incisive Media's technology-focused titles: Computing, V3 and The Inquirer. He oversees all content across print, web, tablet editions, rich media and events - including the IT Leaders' Dining Club and Computing Summits. During Stuart's tenure Computing has transformed from a print-reliant business to a bleeding edge multi-channel brand with an industry-leading events portfolio. Previously he spent 10 years as a programme manager in the IT industry, working for companies such as the BBC, COLT, Nortel Networks and Equant. As a journalist he has also worked for Time Out and IPC Media. He is a regular technology pundit and contributor to the BBC News Channel, as well as a published author.