Programme List - Cloud & Infrastructure Live 2018





Welcome and opening remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing, V3 and The Inquirer


Computing research: Cloud - it's time to choose

Peter Gothard, Technology Analyst, Computing
  • The growing market for public cloud services
  • Multi-cloud and Hybrid: where do they overlap?
  • Software defined infrastructure as a conduit to cloud
  • Serverless cloud: why all the excitement?
  • Beware the hype - cloud is not always the answer


Trials and tribulations of adopting cloud

John Easton, Distinguished Engineer, Watson Cloud Platform, IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Around the world, a wave of disruption is challenging businesses as new 'digital first' enterprises evolve across the industries.
  • Your competitors offer solutions that are often cheaper and more readily consumed in some cases, addressing markets that in past could not be served.
  • The need to leverage digital technologies and to understand your customers needs remain the priority.
  • The session will provide an insight into the journey some of our Enterprise Clients have made towards the Cloud and will address some of the challenges faced today.


Case Study: “Cloud for Clouds” How can we be agnostic about cloud offerings

Ajwat Hasan, Infrastructure and Cloud Architect, FCA
  • Multiple cloud - an agnostic approach
  • Consumer choice to get best of cloud offering
  • Future of cloud - a mystery


Panel discussion: Adopting hybrid cloud: why, when and how?

Alex Hooper, Head of  Operations, BMJ

Nick Ioannou, Head of IT, Ratcliffe Groves Partnership

Paul Dingwitz, MD & Head of IT, Smart Games Technologies

John Abel, Head of Technology & Cloud UK, Ireland and Israel, Oracle

Moderator: Graeme Burton, Group News Editor, Enterprise IT, Incisive Media

  • Why should you adopt hybrid cloud and what are the benefits?
  • What boxes need to be ticked to ensure that your enterprise hybrid cloud ready?
  • How did you manage the transition to hybrid cloud?


The cloud re-writes the rules

Russell Nolan, Senior Systems Engineer, Veeam
  • Learn how cloud is changing the way the Always On Business operates
  • Hear how businesses can make the most of the opportunities that the cloud era of computing provides
  • Discover how Veeam can help provide data protection across multi-cloud infrastructures
  • Gain insight in to the future direction of cloud data protection powered by Veeam


Morning break and visit to the exhibition area

Stream 1

Managing a hybrid cloud environment
Gary Jones, Senior Principal Consultant, CA Technologies
  • Align IT operational performance with user behaviour and experience
  • Gain unified visibility across data centre, public, hybrid and private clouds
  • Deliver a superior user experience with Hybrid Cloud and IT
Transforming traditional datacentre and network infrastructure to software defined platforms
Mike Rivers, Director Cloud Computing, Interoute
  • How to enable agility for legacy applications by overcoming the complexity hybrid cloud infrastructure integration
  • Evolving the WAN from traditional to cloud age SD-WAN
  • Understand the impact of physical distance and latency consistency on application performance
Recovery and recovering into cloud
Rajkumar Munusamy, Product Manager, Sungard Availability Services
  • Sungard Availability Services has a 3-step approach to recovery. The introduction of cloud computing has changed the way we do recovery.....Or has it?
  • Find out more in this session on how Sungard AS can help you with on-premise recovery and recovering into AWS
Lunch and visit to the exhibition area
Panel discussion: Navigating security in the cloud

Jay Harrison, SRE Lead, Centrica

Paul Houghton, Technology Delivery Manager, NHS Digital

John Keegan, Head of Infrastructure Services, DWP

Scott McAvoy, SME in Cloud Security, IBM

Moderator: Tom Allen, Special Projects Editor, Computing, V3 & The Inquirer

  • What security hurdles must be cleared before adopting the cloud?
  • Realities and risks in the cloud
  • SecDevOps (or whatever you want to call it!)
The trials and tribulations of a migration to cloud ready software
Andy Czerwinski, Digital IT Architect, British Gas
  • The background to the company's API
  • The decision to move to microservices
  • There's always a way get what you want - that's how you can do it
  • Be an enterprise, behave like a startup
  • Key to DevOps success

Stream 2

Cloud, data and a supersonic car: How does a 1000mph car relate to the real-world?
John Abel, Head of Technology & Cloud UK, Ireland and Israel, Oracle 
  • Oracle has teamed up with the Bloodhound project to smash the land speed record and inspire future generations of budding scientists and engineers.
  • Find out how Oracle Cloud is helping Bloodhound to collect, analyse and broadcast data from more than 500 sensors installed on the Bloodhound Supersonic Car to classrooms around the world
  • Hear how the same cloud technology relates back to real-world use cases and can help enterprises large and small today achieve success
7 SaaS/IaaS Security Use Cases
Nigel Hawthorn, EMEA & Privacy Spokesperson, Skyhigh Networks
  • Nigel Hawthorn, EMEA & Privacy Spokesperson, Skyhigh NetworksAs enterprises increasingly utilise SaaS like Office 365, Box, Salesforce, Slack, etc. and IaaS like AWS and Azure, protecting corporate data in the cloud has become a top priority.
  • In this session we'll discuss the top 7 high-impact cloud security use cases for SaaS and IaaS and how IT Security teams at AstraZeneca, Etihad, GE, and Western Union are protecting their data in the cloud.

The Enterprise Immune System: Using machine learning to detect cyber threats across physical, virtual and cloud environments
Dave Palmer, Director of Technology, Darktrace
  • How machine learning and mathematics are automating advanced threat detection, across the blurred lines of network boundaries
  • Why self-learning technology, known as the "immune system" approach, detects threats early without using rules or signatures
  • How can you gain 100% visibility across physical, virtual and cloud environments, including third-party cloud services and SaaS
  • Real-world examples of threats uncovered in the cloud by Darktrace
Lunch and visit to the exhibition area
IBM design thinking workshop: Your journey to the cloud
John Easton, Distinguished Engineer, Watson Cloud Platform, IBM Hybrid Cloud

Imagine a cloud platform that can deliver a world class service, cognitive to the core and built for data. Accessing the latest technology effortlessly, securely, while ensuring a seamless customer experience. Join this IBM workshop to explore ‘Your journey to the cloud'.

In association with IBM, this workshop aims to bring together industry peers to discuss IT and business transformation in a digital age. The agenda will consist of an interactive workshop illustrated with examples of organisations leading the way with cloud innovation.

In this session we will address the following issues:

  • What's stopping you from successfully moving to the Cloud?
  • How to resolve these issues and inhibitors?


Afternoon break and visit to the exhibition area


DWP Journey to hybrid cloud

John Keegan, Head of Infrastructure Services, DWP


Panel Discussion: Cloud computing: the next generation

Ben Naylor, Innovative Technology Transformation Manager, Belron International

Chris Grundy, Director, Cundall

Paul Murray, UKI Cloud Software Architect Leader, IBM Software

Moderator: Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing, V3 & The Inquirer

  • What to expect from cloud in the future?
  • Why mobile and IoT didn’t change the cloud but AI can
  • How will cloud adapt to important future tech advances?


Closing remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing, V3 and The Inquirer