Preparing for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

The use of analytics to support business decision making is entering a new phase, and it's one in which human discretion is playing an ever smaller part. Powered by machine learning algorithms, AI can discern patterns within enormous data sets and react accordingly, either suggesting a course of action or reacting autonomously. What is already commonplace in the trading of stocks and shares, within internet giants and on advanced production lines is now available to organisations of all types.

The challenge for IT and business leaders is how to use AI to bring tangible benefits in the context of their complex, multifaceted organisations. Devolving certain decisions to algorithms requires strategic thinking, an understanding of what's possible now, how it is likely to affect organisational structure and what benefits it can bring.

Join us at our latest IT Leaders Forum as we dig into the heart of this important and fascinating topic.

Issues discussed over the course of this half-day event will include:


  • How can you move from predictive to prescriptive analytics?
  • Opportunities and risks
  • How existing skills need to evolve
  • Harnessing open source machine learning algorithms
  • Security, IP and compliance implications


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